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I feel your pain, by the time I get all my family needs met- I say FUCK IT I'm tired!

Suburban Kamikaze

Are they ever really all met? I feel like they just start all over again the next day. Not that they aren't adorable.


Suburban Sheepdog

Comment on column in blog comment section. CHECK


Halloween, best time of the year to let the family go feral.


Well I just completed transferring app to do list on my smart phone--to lined yellow paper--so I could have only 20 things for today not the fifty that on the app--but then I saw your great post--derailed already

Suburban Kamikaze

It's hopeless then. Lose hope.



I have lists, upon lists. And unlike you, I completely blame my family AND my workplace for their unreasonable demands upon my time.

Suburban Kamikaze

Why must we be in charge of everything? And why, if we're in charge of everything, can't we make it so we're not?


Sarah B.

Yeah I make to-do lists, too, and like you, things like ferrying family and cleaning cat boxes don't make the list because one of my rules is that 'regular chores can't go on the list.' So anything I would do in the span of a normal week doesn't count. It's no wonder I can't get anything crossed off, either… for example, cancel unused gym membership has been on the list for two weeks! Chalk up another $50 gone because of my inability to follow through with a to-do list. Ugh.

Suburban Kamikaze

There must be a better system. Can someone put that on his or her list please? Delegate problem solving.


Marty McI

You're in luck, national write a novel month isn't until after Halloween. http://nanowrimo.org

Suburban Kamikaze

Thank goodness. November is looking good. I could probably finish 2 novels in November. Yes, I am liking my chances for November. Wait, did you mean this November?


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