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I am amazed at the number of empty beer bottles (and cans) I found under the bed of the college student's room when he moved out. We also have rules, rules that seem to have been broken. Wish he'd left some liquor though. Would have took the sting out of the whole thing.


My son(s) were part of the small nation of teenagers overrunning your house, and this is how they plead: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=mdeo7Q2E5cE


Do you not remember our gin and spite libations crafted in your closet?


So what was it Liz and I ordered that day in the Cabana? I think it was...a cocktail made with Fireball Cinnamon Whisky, now that I think of it. Who knew we were trending!

Suburban Kamikaze

The cinnamon whisky, I have to admit, is kind of nice. It's possible that one of our children - probably one of yours, MKS - may actually have some taste. On the other hand, nothing good can come of watermelon vodka.

I am going to encourage them all to drink Cointreau next summer.


Suburban Kamikaze

I do remember Elizabitch: One part non-artisanal whisky from my dad's non-artisanal liquor cabinet, one part not-even-remotely-artisanal whisky sour mix from a pouch, shaken inside a lunchbox Thermos. No garnish that I recall.


Audubon Ron

It was oh, let me think, 400 gazillion-billion years ago when man would hit woman in the head with a club and drag her into the cave. Somewhere along the way we (humans) became civilized and appealed to a woman with our charm and good looks and of course, drink. Now my fear is these libations hidden in crannies and secret boxes are a portal to Cee Lo Green level cocktails, which as you know can get you 10-20 without the possibility of parole.

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