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Audubon Ron

What else could we do?

Did I ever tell you the story of my pet rooster? One day I came home and my great-aunt was standing at the back door. I asked, "Where's my rooster?" She looked at me and yelled, "Your grandma hit it in the head with a brick!" I suppose accidentally, early in the morning, maybe the day it crowed one too many times. Best fried chicken I ever ate.

Janet D

Your gonna LOVE the itty-bitty balls of poop!! I had a bunny named Rebecca! R.I.P.


Lord Ron that explains so much! Seems like there are two Napoleons in the house! Also, this seals it---the girl will go to Stetson, where students are encouraged to bring any pets that will refrain from eating other pets. Because we already know the parents are failed bunny sitters. Hats off to the future Hatter!


I assume the name is an apt one-- chosen with the knowledge that pets and teens rule!


Awww! Congrats on Napoleon!

Cactus Petunia

"But we both knew what the outcome of that story would be right from the beginning," said the "grandmother" of a now-10-year-old kitten.

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