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Suburban Sheepdog

Locks on the door are changed when you get home and a bag of your clothes (unlaundered) is on the front steps.


If one of your friends won't take you in, Chicago provides many shelters for homeless people (such as you are now) and anyway it's summer. Not like you'll freeze.

Suburban Kamikaze

That is so much better than my plan. I was just on my way out for milk.



Oh is THAT what I'm supposed to do? Chill-ax?

I'm sorry, that just doesn't compute.

Sarah B.

Clearly you forgot around whom the world revolves. ;) All others should just chill-ax.

Suburban Kamikaze

Surrender, I believe, is the essence of chill.


Audubon Ron

There is nothing that chill-axes me more than how I feel directly after I have spanked a teen around the room. It's the technique my mother used. Grab wrist tightly, spank child on rear in a circle. Two-three rotations ought to do it. Like I said, it makes me feel better. Then I come back, what do you like better, a spanking at your age or filing the car with gas? And BTW, you didn't leave me ONE french fry on the front seat!?

Yeah but hey, you handle it the way you want.

Suburban Kamikaze

On the bright side, they are always up for a french fry run.


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