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"Underperforming Ken unit" is what Ken calls his manhood, isn't it?


Sigh. I've said it before. Anyone who has had a Ken doll knows he has no unit...

Suburban Kamikaze

Poor Ken. Just a little short of the total package.



I don't know what's funnier..the post or the comments!

Audubon Ron

Oh last year I made a gargantuan err-roar. I was the only male worker in a room of 10 female workers. Do you have any idea how many times I got corrected every day? At least 11. One day I got tired of hearing those big, tall, crazy weird high heels clapping around on the concrete vinyl tile floor and lost it and blurted out like I choked on something, "Could y'all walk a little more quietly? Y'all sound like a heard of dinosaurs!!" Even the birds stopped chirping. Man, the only good thing is that I refrained from making any references to shoes women wear on 42nd Street in New York. The only good thing.

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