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Audubon Ron

nam myoho renge kyo...


Meanwhile, back here in FL, things are truly spa-like if we just keep the milk coming and the internet flowing. We only see our nearly-19 year old college refugee when the World Cup is on. Because he needs our TV. Because his is tied up with a very complicated set of interconnected games, with people I assume are real, of MW4, GTA3, Minecraft, Skyrim and something I thought was Clash of Cans but which was actually Clash of Clans. I only go by the sounds people...like I said, sightings are rare.

Suburban Kamikaze

Well sure, Audubon, we should have raised them all as Buddhists, but it's a little late now. Unless there is an Xbox version?



I like when I send them (17 & 19) grocery shopping with a list and say to get whatever else they want. The next day they inevitably complain there is no food. HOW CAN THAT BE???

Suburban Kamikaze

I don't think it literally means no food. Which is weird, because in my house the expression is literally "There is literally no food in this house."


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