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Suburban Sheepdog

How were you able so quickly to obtain a transcript of Secretary of State Kerry's conversation with Russian Foreign Minister Yatsenyuk?

Suburban Kamikaze

Oh god. She is never going to get her troops off the floor, is she?



I'm not sure who I would rather be: the ding-dong who forgets that thing you did, or the monster who remembers every tiny microscopic detail.

I'm both, aren't I?

Why are you still looking at me? Move along, nothing to see here.

Suburban Kamikaze

In our defense, we are not the ones who did whatever it is that was done.



Are you referring to that thing they did when they were five or something more recent?

Suburban Kamikaze

I think the statute of limitations may have run on hamster crimes.


Audubon Ron

I clearly remember what it was I did. But, why the heck do I want to mention it? Huh? And watch you get all JACKED-UP!!! Ohhellno.

Now, be happy I'm in your life. You could be all jacked-up without me. Remember that.

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