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There went the neighborhood with that flamingo shot.
Hope you aren't subject to an HOA!

Suburban Kamikaze

Some days those flamingos are the only thing keeping my hopes alive.

They were a gift from unknown and presumably teen-aged vandals who planted them as part of a toilet papering job. We keep them up as a tribute to teenagers everywhere.



And here I was about to commiserate about the weather....and then I realized you are in IL and I am in NC. No comparison. Despite the fact that I can't feel my toes, I won't complain because my patio furniture doesn't have any snow bedecking it.

But...dammit! I'm COLD! And ready for summer already!

If nothing else, you are "taking one for the team" - there. Don't you feel better?


Sorry, can't relate. Even birds and Canadians know enough to fly south for the winter.........

Cindy Goodman

I thought they were a little reminder of Florida...but not when they are buried in snow!


I am eight days late to this party (don't the flamingos signal there's a party somewhere?!?!), but I just have to say that the flamingos up to their necks made me laugh. And cry. And pour more wine. We are so snowed in that I can barely pull into my driveway around the hunormous piles at its foot. So I really needed the laugh. And the wine. Thank you.

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