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This weeks domesting revelation: My undercounter Maytag oven having conked out (yet again), it has come to my attention that my Cuisinart countertop oven holds six-unit cupcake pans, and that one box of brownie mix fills two of said pans, baking at about 20 minutes each. Short the oil, or else your cupcake papers will be a tad greasy. Or don't, making it easier to lubricate the lips as you pig out waiting for the snow to melt


Meant domestic rather than domesting, but then again when one is nesting ...

Suburban Kamikaze

It's funny you should mention brownie mix, which we are calling "lunch." It's what comes of having no motivation and nothing but 16-year-old girls and cake mixes in the kitchen.



Ah yes, far away in the kingdom of the far north. Let them eat ---cupcakes?

Suburban Kamikaze

Cupcakes, brownies, rainbow cakes, chocolate chip and sprinkle cookies. We haven't eaten anything that isn't covered in colored sprinkles in weeks. We are probably less than one room away from being completely under the girl's authority. But which room?


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