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Suburban Sheepdog

Our cat is Mowgli
Does not know he is a cat
"Feed and scratch me now"

Suburban Kamikaze

Merci beaucat.

Cat haiku is just the thing for a snowy Tuesday afternoon.


Sarah B.

The boy is squawking.
The cat looks up in disgust:
"Get it together."

Suburban Kamikaze

A whole new category of haiku. Ahem.



Hey wait a minute I know that cat --I know that couch--I know that perfect slant of Florida sunlight. Now my cat is famous. Thanks SK. I think it is Thurs. How about hamster Thursday?


In really really old cat news: Victorian cats on roller skates. What could be better? http://www.photohistory-sussex.co.uk/BTNPointerCats.htm

Suburban Kamikaze

With any luck, we can stretch Cat Tuesday all the way into next week's Hamster Thursday.


P.S. How did Harry Pointer manage to master the Internet before it had been invented?

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food

I'm all for Cat Tuesday but draw the line at Hamster Thursday. Sorry. I'm prejudiced. No rodents. (Hamsters are rodents, right?) Anyway. I'm a fan. Cats are cute. It's a known fact.

Peyton Price

The cat just threw up
on our white duvet cover
but not on my side.

Suburban Kamikaze

Cat haiku is a real thing now.



Audubon Ron

comment test.
testing, testing, 1,2,3...

Suburban Kamikaze

I will be right over. But I can't promise you anything as interesting as haiku. You may have noticed it has been Cat Tuesday for a couple of weeks now...


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