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chris k

Apothic Red, a favorite in our household as well. It is what we can afford.

Congratulations to the Kamikazes for figuring out how to spend that increase in earning power. That is quite a skill. My family possessed this amazing skill as well. Back to work so that I can provide another increase.

Sponger Father

Suburban Kamikaze

If we had known how much college tuition was going to cut into the wine budget, we might have kept fewer books around the house. Live and learn.

Go Spongers.



Happy New Year PD! Hope 2014 is looking up for you and you can stop working 67 thousand part time jobs!

Suburban Kamikaze

It is so nice to hear from you. I am on track to be even more in demand in 2014. You'd be surprised how many people will let you work for almost free. It is a real growth industry.


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