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Executive Suburbanite

They are human GPSes when it comes to sniffing out expired food in the fridge. On the bright side, now he knows where the office is.

Suburban Kamikaze

We could not be any prouder.



There is an app for that.

Suburban Kamikaze

The iMom.


Lynne Helm

If he were a NYC boy, he'd know to hop into a taxi and let the cabbie figure it out. This is a danger for parents trying to raise children in environs outside Manhattan ... in the sticks like South Florida or Chicago. Then again, are there cabs in southern California? Or just limos?

Suburban Kamikaze

Limos and skateboards, I believe.



My USC freshman son and I have identical conversations, across 3000 miles and 3 time zones. Lynne Helm, my NYC boy would definitely take a taxi, if they only allowed them on campus....


I seem to recall a time when I was giving directions from Ft. Lauderdale to someone, I just can't recall---who had taken a wrong turn out of Illinois into Wisconsin somehow on the way to a skating rink (because there isn't enough ice in the yard). I recall telling that certain someone to find a CAB, tell them where you want to go, and FOLLOW them. And then that someone complaining that I had sent them in the totally wrong direction. I'm just saying. Possibly genetic...


Obviously, it could have been farther. If it were located in Illinois. But in that case, you might have been able to provide better directions.


Well, duh, Mahhhm. Didn't you KNOW you were supposed to memorize the campus that he LIVES on; just for occasions like this?

Damn kids.

Twisted Susan

You have a son who calls you? I'm jealous!
Over at my house I'm just the assh*le that bugs him.

Suburban Kamikaze

He calls, he texts, he sends flowers.

Okay, so that last part is literally the exact opposite of true. If truth were located next to the parking garage by the Starbucks, that part about sending flowers would be next to the parking garage on the exact opposite site of the campus. Literally, it could not be further from the truth.



Sounds like he still needs you. Why? No idea. "A friend of mine" was recently told by his freshman daughter that it was no longer necessary to call her every day. "I'm busy," she said.

Suburban Kamikaze

I am pretty sure our daughters never needed us at all. Mine has been ready to move out since about third grade.


Audubon Ron

See, this is where I get lost.

Is it "Could not have been farther", or, "Could not have been further"? Does far have a past tense? I give up.

Know where I can find a low-paid humor and press release writer?


Ahhh...it is still our fault when they are in college. Love this!

Suburban Kamikaze

If we were doing anything right, we'd be sitting at a fountain under some palm trees right now.



Doesn't engineering require the ability to navigate and figure out how things work at USC? What they really need is a week long "wilderness camp" for all incoming freshman--their mission "you figure it all out."

Suburban Kamikaze

Wilderness camp for teenage boys would just be a day without their iPhones.


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