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Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food

Hmmm, I had to look up skater skirt. Cute! Also, WTF with that GIANT CAT. *shudders*

Suburban Kamikaze

I had a feeling it would be cute.


Suburban Sheepdog


Although I have made my living, lo these 35 years, by wielding the English language, I had no idea -- until I read this entry and then did the Google image search necessitated by the blessed facts that I have only sons -- that "skater" is a synonym for "dangerously short."

I will now, as I do whenever a new word makes my happy acquaintance, do all I can to employ this new meaning of the word three or four times in the coming week, so as to fix it into my ready lexicon.


"Thanks to his skater safety harness, the construction worker doomed."

"The time between now and the deadline to obtain health insurance under the ACA is skater, considering the trouble with the website."


Suburban Kamikaze

I also had a feeling it would be short. I'm just not really seeing the cat here.


Suburban Sheepdog

SK, your comment invites such a reflexive and yet galactically vulgar response that I will 1. not make it (we are talking a bout a CHILD here) while being 2. fully confident that you will know what I mean because . . . newsrooms.

Please don't hate me.

Or call the authorities.

Suburban Kamikaze

Yes, well. She is a product of the newsroom. On the bright side ... okay, there really is no bright side there.


Audubon Ron

I have returned to provide pithy and sardonic comments. No need arguing with yourself. You can argue with me again.

You're welcome.

Suburban Kamikaze

Thank god. I can never remember which side I'm on.


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