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Awwwww, hun. You're breaking my heart here. It'll be all good. One day you'll look up and there won't be any clean towels again and there will be sticky finger prints on everything and he'll be apologizing and chasing his kids through your house and you'll feed them one more sugared down treat before you shove them all out the door and breathe a sigh of relief that he has to deal with them when they are swinging from the ceiling fans later...

See, told you it would be alright. ;)

Suburban Kamikaze

We're probably going to need more towels.



You are FAR braver than me! I refused to let mine go out of state. So he went as far as he could without crossing the state line. Sending hugs. And you can use those extra towels to blot your eyes.


How are you holding up? We are just starting senior year and I'm the dorky mom crying on the college tours.

Suburban Kamikaze

Save your strength. You still have 9,000 little data boxes to fill out in 15 different places, each of which will require a unique password and surgical precision to navigate, along with multiple conflicting deadlines and escalating fees. But eventually you reach what you will believe to be the home stretch but which is actually just the beginning of the process of correcting the inevitable error you made on a financial aid form six months ago and which must be fixed before you can pay the amount you were going to have to pay all along because that is what everybody pays and that amount is $AllofYourMoney.99.

Then there will be a short window for your tears before it is time to begin your paperwork for the following year.

Of course your experience may be different.


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