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You had sessions together? When we went they disbursed well trained university herd cutters with bottomless Starbucks coffee urns to separate the veal from cash cows----we saw our kid once in three days while enduring the same psychotic sermons. But the husband did manage to down double the food it would take to reimburse us for the participation fees so as of this minute, it is still parents 1 college 0 in our house. I expect that ratio to change...

Suburban Kamikaze

They had us together for a few events, separated us for others. The key, I believe, was keeping us well-fed, but constantly moving and slightly disoriented, so that when it came time for us to learn the fight song and the secret handshakes, we complied without resistance.

I believe at one point I may have made a video denouncing The University Across Town That Must Not Be Named, but it is all so hazy. The Trojans are my family now.


Suburban Sheepdog

All I know is that it is damned shame there are no colleges or universities in Illinois, so that all of this might have taken place closer to home.

Suburban Kamikaze

You underestimate the reach of the Trojan "community." There are, we were informed, activities planned for us here in Illinois and I am pretty sure a few members of the marching band followed us home as part of the school's strict cheer enforcement policies. I am not going to use the word "cult", because that would probably get me in trouble with the cult leaders.


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