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You rock, SK. I would sign up for that class in a heartbeat. Even if it were just to watch you drink wine and roll your eyes. Which, I assume, are your best tips.

Twisted Susan

Humor writing requires a buttload of editing.

Suburban Kamikaze

Eye rolling, wine drinking and editing. I think we have covered about 90 percent of the process. The rest is just words.



So dang happy one of us has got her act together. If you would just let me sit behind you and duck a little, I would really appreciate it.

Suburban Kamikaze

Yeah, fuck that shit. I believe I am quoting you here?

We are definitely going to need a swear jar.


Suburban Sheepdog

I believe I TOOK that class about 20 years or so ago. It met in the break room. I remember there was coffee. And it was hard to hear over the noise from the presses.

But oh, how you made those folks from advertising laugh and laugh and laugh.

Suburban Kamikaze

Yes, it was a much tougher crowd in the newsroom.


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