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Oh God, Pat, this is my new favorite thing. I want this on a t-shirt. Can you arrange it? I have the cat hair if you have the t-shirt . . .

Suburban Kamikaze

I don't actually have a gift shop. Or a cat. I need to rethink my business plan.


Darcy Perdu

So funny! Especially love the part reminding you that your mom told you that you could sing! True! True! Don't trust our mothers! :o)

Suburban Kamikaze

The fourth-grade talent show put an end to any misplaced ambition I may have been harboring. Though it was probably only one or two kittens away from working as comedy.

See you at BlogHer13 karaoke night?



My mom was pretty honest about my inability to sing, dance, act, etc.

Suburban Kamikaze

She was probably just afraid of losing you to show business.


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