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Well, I recognize the scholar on the right--you will have to email me a hint about the scholar on the left.

Suburban Kamikaze

Here's a clue: As soon as they switched to solid food, both of them preferred eating at your house.


Executive Suburbanite

I can't believe scholar on the left ever had so little hair.

Suburban Kamikaze

What would have been the point? Teenage girls were still well out of his reach.



Well, that narrows it, especially if neither of the suspects must have sparkling water. Teen girls out of his reach? Maybe for a year or two. Our cat was sleeping in his shoes when he was 9.


They both appear very shocked about something.

Suburban Kamikaze

I think the fact that their mothers turned out to be the type who dressed them alike and took them to the Sears Portrait Studio was something of a shock. Especially to their mothers.


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