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I think I've been in that play.


Now I'm crying. Geez.

Suburban Kamikaze

It comes and goes. Right now = gone. He left me with an empty gas tank and a car full of crumbs last night. So that helps.


Suburban Sheepdog

I was sad the entire week before we sent the older pup off to college. My lovely bride was upbeat with all the planning and packing.

The morning we left, we got everything into the truck and the instant I put the gear shift in reverse to pull out of the driveway, my lovely bride simply lost it. Not lost it as in a tear tracking picturesquely down her cheek. Lost it as in wracking sobs.

Fortunately the feeling fades -- usually even before they come back home to live.

Suburban Kamikaze

Yes, but your boys are easy to live with, whereas mine needs help making toast. Oh god. Who is going to make his toast at the University of All Our Money?



Exactly. Or bring the fresh towels and folded, hung clothes or make the coffee just right or know he does NOT like cheeseburgers with melty cheese or make him eat a vegetable once in a while or put money in the backpack or find the right, the only discontinued shampoo on Ebay or or .... wait a minute, the answer to all of that is NOT US.

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