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Hmmmm, in this house that would need to be industrial strength tape that has a magical spell attached to it that can only be broken by me. Because believe you me, even if I tape something down in this house it will STILL go missing the minute I turn my back.


Tape may keep things where I left them, but I'd still have to remember correctly where that was.

Also, can you please explain to me why, without the aid of tape, thumbtacks, or any other fixative, I am 99.9% likely to be right on my first guess about where OTHER people's stuff is that they have misplaced in my house. And yet I still can't find my keys, even though my children are a decade away from drivers' licenses?

Suburban Kamikaze

Your brain is rewiring itself to make it more adaptive to the needs of your future teenage overlords.


Tiaras & Tantrums

oh cripes - that is what I have been forgetting. But I can't find tape in this house - because my girls use it all to tape paper clothes to their damn stuffed animals!

Suburban Kamikaze

That is adorable. They are going to be the cutest teenagers ever.


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