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I tried to tell my kids the other day that they were "the best kids ever," and my six-year-old told me, "well, you can't really say that because you don't know for sure...you don't know ALL the kids in the world." And then she looked at me quizzically (and a little pityingly) as if her gigantic brain couldn't comprehend why my teensy one would even begin to consider what I'd just said as an ACTUAL compliment that would please her first-grade self.

Me? I let it roll off my back while silently the dread grew exponentially as I considered what her teenage years will be like.

All of which is meant as a parable to say: I am sure you are the most perfect wife, and I don't think anyone needs to be so pedantic as to require research to prove it. (Also, I shopped for my husband's gift to me at Christmas, but then he got me something else as a surprise--which was excellent--and completely forgot about the necklace that had arrived earlier and that he'd stashed for wrapping. Do you have any suggestions for how to remind him about it, so I can wear it? It was really pretty...)

Suburban Kamikaze

I think some immediate hint dropping is advisable, otherwise he may try saving it for your birthday when he should be shopping for the matching bracelet.

Also, congratulations on the best kids ever. I am pretty sure all the kids in the world have spent the night in my basement, so I can supply the data.



You are doing what all the rest of we perfect wives do--we are wives to ourselves--you have heard of the parentified child --we are the spousefied wives--can you imagine what would happen if we stopped this--what black hole would open up--not to mention the impact on the economy due to the lack of holiday purchasing--I got my xmas coach bag--with the help of my smart phone--took picture and emailed with exact location for purchase--

Suburban Kamikaze

Well done.


Tiaras & Tantrums

I'm the work widow - unlike yourself - so naturally we would buy our own gifts!

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