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Arrrgggghhhh! You've just dragged me, kicking and screaming, down memory lane! Those damn projects....

Suburban Kamikaze

Lesson learned: Stockpiling glitter, paint and 140 varieties of paper is no guarantee you won't be running out to the craft store at the last minute for the "right" kind of paper, glitter or paint.


Suburban Kamikaze

Just kidding on that whole "lesson learned" thing. We have learned nothing.



My 6-yr-old would probably faint from excitement at the sight of that closet. And then I would be washing glitter glue out of her hair for a week.

Suburban Kamikaze

You would be washing glitter glue out of her hair in 15 different shades. And every one of them would be wrong for whatever Last Minute Assignment du Jour had cropped up on our to-do list.



Our LMA du Jour is a Leprecaun Playground (aka Trap) which is due on Friday. I still count that as last minute because she is six and can do exactly 0% of this project herself. She also has extremely large scale ideas about building monkeybars and slides that end at carpet-covered recesses in the floor in which we will hide pots of gold. I would kill for a project that only involved posterboard and glitter glue this week.

Suburban Kamikaze

Lucky for me, my children are 15 and 18, so they can do approximately 15 and 18 percent of their projects without assistance, not including transportation, financing or clean-up.


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