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The thing that jumps out at me in this story is---the white seats? You bought a car with white seats? Seriously?

Suburban Sheepdog

nthnglsts stole my comment. It was my comment and I was going to make it an nthnglsts stole it and I want it back so I can make it and not her (or him).

Mine. Mine. Mine.

(And, seriously: WHITE seats?)


This is brilliant. And yay for a new car! Also, what they both said up there. White seats? (perhaps this are comments coming from people with younger children? All I know is my children + white seats = brown seats in about 4.4 seconds)


And then there is me - not so worried about the white seats; instead saying, "And THIS is the reason I only had one."

Congrats on the new car (white seats and all).

Suburban Kamikaze

The seats are not as white as they appear in this photo. They are closer to the color of french fries, because Chipotle was not an option.



Your family is in a whole different psychological weight class...and, 7:30 is night-time. Kudos for surviving.


Oh, Suburban Sheepdog--I'm sorry. I yield the comment on white seats to you. Instead I will say---why is Boy Esquire not driving? SK, you should be lounging in the luxurious french-fry colored back seat with a bluetooth phone selecting the proper mood music for enjoying the Starbucks of your choice and the New York Times. Really, must I come up there?

Suburban Kamikaze

Yes you must. And I am holding the two of you responsible for the fact that NOT 24 HOURS AFTER YOU MADE AN ISSUE OF THE SEAT COLOR, I was scrubbing blood from one of them.


Suburban Sheepdog

WhatEVER, nthnglsts.

I didn't even want that stupid comment anyway, so who cares?

As IF. . .

Tiaras & Tantrums

okay - I'm so lucky my kids can't argue over the front seat yet! It is bad enough trying to get them to get along in the back seat! If I keep my purse in the front passenger seat, does that mean that I get both seats to myself forever and ever??

Suburban Kamikaze

It seems reasonable to me, but sadly the answer is no. You will be lucky to keep your purse to yourself. You may be living the tiara-topped dream now, but those adorable little children in the backseat? They are already plotting your overthrow.



Did you say BLOOD? On the seats? I don't want to say I told you so---I will let Suburban Sheepdog do that---

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