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You are funny.
The end.


I very much appreciate number 16. That's my favorite one. Also, I need to make shirts for my kids that say "Raised by Wolves." Then the whole world and I will be on the same page.


These sound about like the ones I would write. That is, if I were so inclined to write.

Twisted Susan

Dead brilliant.

Suburban Kamikaze

I would very much appreciate some wolf help around here.

Robbi, as I have said before, you can't blame babies for everything. (See Babies Ruin Everything: Pictures by Robbi Behr, words by Matthew Swanson, inspiration by their baby.




Are you telling me that even when they are TEENAGERS, I will not be able to take an uninterrupted shower??!?!?! I have been quietly dying inside over here every day when I have company in the bathroom asking me hard questions, crying, and/or telling me detailed and complex stories that I'm supposed to hear properly while the water is running and shampoo is in my ears and the shower door separates their little voices from my ears. I was just hoping that as we are approaching the ages of modesty ("Get out of my room while I'm changing!!!!!!"), I might get a reprieve. I am crushed.

Suburban Kamikaze

This is where your teeny, tiny dreams come in: You buy yourself some really nice soap, or an extravagant brand of hair conditioner. Then, just before you dash into the shower the next time, you retrieve them from your teenage daughter's room. Look under the bed, or possibly under that pile of laundry on the chair. By the time you find them, your showering window will have closed, but if you are lucky, there will still be time to stop and smell the pomegranate.

Make time to stop and smell the pomegranates. That's all I am saying.


Darcy Perdu

So funny and so true! I love #3 and #10 the best. Another good way to get out of PTA and room parent requests is to say regretfully, "Oh, I wish I could -- but I haven't been allowed to volunteer ever since the INCIDENT." Then just nod and walk away. They won't have the nerve to ask you WHAT incident and they'll never ask you to volunteer again!

Suburban Kamikaze

A nice addition to the PTA Escape Plan Files, Volume 1.


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