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Executive Suburbanite

For what it's worth, this tree no one cares about looks better than past trees no one cared about. In my house, no tree would appear in our house unless I dragged boxes from the shed. Although, I will say that the son was very sweet about helping decorate since it is his "last Christmas of being home when the tree gets put up." Sniff, sniff.

Suburban Kamikaze

Sentimentality in teenagers is a sign that they are growing up. Just kidding. He's getting ready to ask you for money. Or possibly a new car. Don't fall for it.


Oh jeez, I dragged out the tree and ornaments; decorated the damn tree and sent Man-Child a picture featuring the newest ornament that proclaims his college. To which he replied, "I thought you were going to wait until I got home to do the tree?" I wanted to kill him. He has never shown an interest in helping decorate - NEVER! But I figure he can be instrumental in dismantling the tree this year.

Suburban Kamikaze

Wow. Is it possible they really do care? The evidence is pretty thin...


Twisted Susan

I managed to keep a tree out of my house for two consecutive Christmases when my children were slow to object.
It was great.


Mine also pulled the "this is my last real Christmas at home" so instead of going to the Keys the tree is up and twinkling in a corner. And everyone knows, once you decorate a tree and make a few gingerbread cookies it's over. Relatives appear in the driveway as though Skype had never been invented. Pass the Cotes du Rhone. I've got an empty iced tea glass right here.

Suburban Kamikaze

Wait. If it's Boy Executive's last Christmas at home and Nthnglsts Boy's last Christmas at home ... omg. I feel a weepy review of handmade Christmas ornaments in my future.

Be afraid.


Suburban Kamikaze

Also, Twisted Susan is my new BFF. Check out her blog, she's got chocolate:




Something must kick in at the DNA level during senior year. I ventured the possibility of a "fake" tree (well artificial), and I might as well have said we are selling the house next month. No way anything but a pine needle dropping, water sucking (yes something else to take care of), prickly evergreen was coming in to our house. Purchased four days ago--it stands happily without a single ornament--since I have not dragged them out yet. I am determined something will grace its branches before the 25th. Meanwhile I keep watering--this seems to be a particularly thirsty, needy tree.

Suburban Kamikaze

Is there any other kind? Who is responsible for this madness?


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