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Can I be third runner up for "I need you to do some laundry because my new sweater doesn't match anything that's clean in my closet and I'm too lazy to figure out something else to wear besides that sweater, which is practically an outfit on its own"? Degree of urgency: No one wants a badly dressed teacher standing in front of class.

Does it change me all the way up to Super-First Place if the reason I need you to do some laundry for me is that I already did eleventy-three loads this weekend, and folded them all, and cleaned up all the piles of dirty clothes lying around, and if I have to do one more load of laundry, my head will explode?

Audubon Ron

Fool. That water in the basement will spray all over you. You will look like a wet dog standing in the rain before it's over. He will look at you and say, "Huh?" - like he didn't know.

You girls fall for that "hold the bucket under the leaking pipe every time".

Suburban Kamikaze

It's like you were there. He pretended not to notice that my hair was dripping and the bucket was dry.

Mr. Kamikaze did eleventy-three loads of laundry this weekend and was completely baffled by the basket full of dirty laundry that appeared about five seconds later. It's a phenomenon I have been describing for years, but no one ever listens to me. It's magic. But not the good kind.


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