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Congrats! I am readying my novel for e-publishing, and I am terrified as to what I need to do. Great cover!

Suburban Kamikaze

Thanks. A Rick McCawley cover is worth a thousand dirty words.


Cynthia Barnett

Only you could get a sinkhole into the first chapter of your little reverie. Excellent! Although, I only read it for the writing. xo

Suburban Kamikaze

You were inspirational.



That pic cannot possibly be a parent because we all know where babies come from and she's certainly not birthed one.

Also, a sinkhole? I am off to purchase the book now because I am all about a perfectly timed sinkhole (I still wish my ex would disappear into one.)!

Sending love, fluffy kittens, and the debris under my couch. You're welcome. ;)

Suburban Kamikaze

There are never enough kittens around here.



Because at least there are no whales. This is precisely the right way to admire EVERY SINGLE book that is not Moby Dick. You are so smart that I think I will have to buy this book.

Suburban Kamikaze

I am convinced Moby Dick would have been a far more readable book with a little less whale - recognizing of course the difficulty in getting just the right amount of whale.


Audubon Ron

I’ll have to think about this first. After what you did me when I sent you the first chapter of my awesome powerful “was to be” best seller, I might not be able to read this without making a few helpful comments of my own. Such things as, “On Come-On, you know you wouldn’t have touched that thing that quickly unless he first washed it in Pine Sol and then sprayed it with Oxy Power. Yeah, dream on.”

The other thing is I got it all dialed in here with robotic sexercise, you know, on the knees, on the couch, from behind, like that.” I would hate to mess that up if the Little Woman got her mitts on this book and it changed my sexercise course even the slightest. You know how it is; it takes a long time for a guy to get the woman programmed like car wash. For instance, just last week I final got her to yell, “It’s Good!” You know how long that took me to groom her on that one alone? Years!

I would hate to be planting new ideas. I don’t know. Awful risky.


I just bought it, sight unseen! (I'm usually one to get the free sample first, but my willingness to fork over $2.99 is a testament to my faith in this work). If I love it, I will recommend it to my book groups (AKA The Fifty Shades of Gray crowd).

Suburban Kamikaze

I wish I had written "programmed like a car wash." That is porn gold.

In my book, he programs her more like a coffee maker, which seems kind of lame now.

Thank you Dawn. Be sure to post your reviews on the Amazon page. If you hate it, just write "it was way too filthy and also too short." Then click all the little stars. For the children.



It is actually REALLY good (I mean, for the genre). I'm not finished yet, but you're an excellent writer. I hope this makes you a million dollars.

My amazon reviews are under my real name, something I've been meaning to change for a while now. Once I set up a new name, I will definitely give it five stars.

Suburban Kamikaze

Merci. It was actually a lot of fun. (I mean for the genre.) Particularly the part where my board of directors and I argued over things like which Starbucks blend is the sexiest? And are we really supposed to believe she falls for him just because he's successful, handsome and an overachiever in the bedroom? Shouldn't he also be really good with tools?



Congratulations. We knew you had it in you. Your Sex in the Suburb posts are among my favorites.

I wonder though, as I’ve grown to love your deliciously snarky style on this blog, can I read your book without sensing sarcasm between every line? We’ll just have to see.

Suburban Kamikaze

I see punchlines everywhere. It is something of a mixed blessing between the sheets.


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