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Love, love, love! I hadn't considered sabotage as an excuse...I mean reason behind the organizational chaos of my home before. Hmmmm ;)

Suburban Kamikaze

What else could explain it?



Well of course the lack of organization isn't your fault. We ALL know that our families are out to drive us insane.

Suburban Kamikaze

Thumbtacks can't be wrong.


Executive Suburbanite

A bikini waxing doesn't give you the right. A Brazilian, however ...

Suburban Kamikaze

There's brave and there's braver.



I believe I am the kind of woman who sports a tattoo in some sexy location. I just don’t think I need a tattoo to prove it. Completely hilarious. But the sanctimony? I'm right there with you. Please tell me you are sanctimonious about some grammar point. For all intensive purposes, I am totally a snob about a wide range of grammar and word-choice errors. And I'd like some company over here.

Audubon Ron

Yes, I am sanctimonious and yes, you are better than me.

Suburban Kamikaze

Making the world a better place one delusion at a time...


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