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Me? Well I don't have an opinion. And thankfully, I don't have anyone around to force me to have one on this subject.

Suburban Kamikaze

There is no end to the controversies under debate in Girlandia. But there are so few right answers.



They ripped off the Kings of Leon? OMG. What happened to making up your OWN songs? Tell her the answer to her question is Anthony Caleb Followill!

Jess a.k.a The Apathetic Parent

Ah, taking a stand.

Just last night, I told my girls I wanted them to go out for middle school basketball. (They need something productive to do after school instead of watching YouTube.) They argued, they pleaded, they flat-out refused to try out for the team.

I stonewalled them.

Not getting anywhere, The Deuce tried a new tactic: "You're always saying we need to stand up for ourselves -- I'm standing up for me. Now."

My response: I've never encouraged you to take a stand. You're ALWAYS taking stands -- against ME.


Suburban Kamikaze

Still, it was a very nice parry. Just the right amount of drama. "I'm standing up for me." That might have thrown a lesser parent. I'm wiping a tear away as a I type this.

And yes, the Kings of Leon version is the best solo. But it's not the kind of thing you could say out loud. Not around here.



If you want to embarrass yourself, ask your middle school nieces if they like NEW Direction (because you're old and feeble minded and forgot they are called ONE Direction but still fancy yourself Cool Aunt Who Is Up on These Things) and watch them sweetly attempt to stifle their eyerolls and pity.

Suburban Kamikaze

Please. Pull yourself together. Never accept a middle schooler's pity. Cover your mistake by starting a rumor that the band is breaking up. Tell them it has been trending on Twitter for over 15 minutes.



at some point this week the back seat of my mini van asked who I liked better, Biebs or One Direction... there apparently is a right and wrong answer. Next time i'm using that twitter trending thing.

Suburban Kamikaze

You are in a minefield there. Let's just hope rumors (now trending on Twitter: #sixdirections) that he is to be the band's sixth member, are true.


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