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Bob Cleveland

I'm not sure there ARE any 21st century pirates who have ANY opinions about top-level management at America's biggest corporations. Or that have seen a clean sheet in years.

Besides, to a pirate, a "sheet" is a sail.

Suburban Kamikaze

I should have said "clean straw." But with a thread count of at least 400.



Oh, you too? I thought it was only me having one of those weeks.

Suburban Kamikaze

Where are the pirates when you really need them?


Audubon Ron

Aye, blow me down. You do realize September 19 is International Talk Like a Pirate day. There be plenty of booty on that day, lassie. Us seadogs might could use little shiver in the timber. Sink me!!!

Suburban Kamikaze

Thank god. It feels like Talk Like You are Running for Student Body President at Liberty University, Circa 1905 will never end.



You realize those bedsheets only cover up a salt-sea-spray-covered hammock, don't you? And that it's pretty dark and creaky belowdeck? I think you need to find yourself a pirate *captain*.

Suburban Kamikaze

You're right. That is much hotter. Nobody wants to be kidnapped by pirate middle management.



If you get kidnapped by a pirate in Chicago you can be pretty sure he just wants to check the GPS on your phone.

Suburban Kamikaze

There are not nearly enough pirates in Chicago. Some kind of union thing probably.


Jess a.k.a The Apathetic Parent

During this whole scenario, I was envisioning a Captain Jack Sparrow-esque character (with better teeth).

The notion of a Chicago pirate has shattered the fantasy.

I'd imagine a pirate on Lake Michigan (vs. Caribbean waters) would be pasty-skinned and smell of sausages.

Suburban Kamikaze

Da pirates. Also, it would be way too cold belowdecks.


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