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I still remember my locker combination from freshman year. 26-38-26.

Suburban Kamikaze

We really were the greatest generation. My kids can't remember their locker combinations from last year. Which is no big deal, really, because we usually lose the locks over the summer anyway.



It IS a big day! (Watch out, I'm gonna get mushy) Enjoy every minute; these next four years will FLY faster than any of the previous ones. Ask me how I know? Because I will be driving my "baby" to drop him off at college on Friday....and he just started kindergarten yesterday (or at least, that's what it feels like)!

Suburban Kamikaze

Ack. I am right behind you. I'll be doing the same for Boy, Esq. in a year. And probably in just as organized a fashion as we managed for back-to-school today.

Stay tuned for my essay on How Not to Plan, Save or Organize for the College Years


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