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Audubon Ron

Okay, I'm kinda still stuck up on the BJ methodology. Next time could you be an inch more specific?

I'm not sure I'm necessarily "in-to" the whole deeper meaning. But of course, I might be inclined to make you thrust yourself upon the deeper meaning - at least once, or twice.

Spanking is optional. But a strong option when warranted.

But if I must advance in further disclosure, in the default modal variant, know, I'm ALWAYS prepared to administer, to wit, a ten minute foot rub in compensatory exchange - if that would further supplement a pleasant offering in as much as a firm deposit in the emotional bank account of maximum sweet weekly hugs and kisses.

Thusly, I might say I wouldn't stop you necessarily from being a momentary slut; but, I can make that decision appear more proper. And of course that would usually involve a credit card - mass-quantities of shopping - sort of like acquisition purification.

Suburban Kamikaze

I think Stephen Marche could use a hug and a foot rub. Something clearly set him off this month. I'm just having a hard time believing it was badly written soft porn or the gratings of politicians' wives.


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