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Funny--in grad school they made us edit with green pencils. Green means "go" and red meant "bloodshed"
I always kind of considered that the whole point!
Great post, and thx for the mention!

Suburban Kamikaze

Green does seem kinder, doesn't it? Then again, copyediting is an art that comes with advice like "kill your darlings" so maybe bloodshed is a little more to the point.

It was great meeting you.


Audubon Ron

Someday I'd love to go to Bloghuu, But, I know better. Half the womenz would love me at first sight. The other half would tell them why that would not be a good idea. What side are you on, the love me or the not so much? Really.

And be thankful I'm not a "totally" kind of person. I mean "really". B/c to say "totally really" side-be-each is about as smooth as 80 grit sandpaper.

Suburban Kamikaze

You really couldn't miss. Half the women would be about 2,000 women. I would be on the side nearest the wine bar, silly.


Elizabeth Newlin

Ha! Love it! 'Still in the box'? really? mine so isn't.

It was fun to meet you at the Pathfinder writer day! I look forward to reading your posts!

Suburban Kamikaze

I forgot to mention bacon-loving real estate agents, whose travel tips -


- are the funniest ever. On her shock at discovering that connecting flights can be canceled: "That's like a thing."

Who knew?


Betsy/Zen Mama

Love my red pencil and loved my copyediting class. Just about to write to the whole group. Thanks again for giving me some great insight in my writing!!

Suburban Kamikaze

If only Zen parenting were as easy as tightening your prose...

It was great to meet you,


Tanis the Redneck Mommy

I looked for you amongst the 5000 people crowding the damn halls. But I must have missed Mr. Lady's squealing. Mostly whenever she sees me she flips me the bird. Totally weird, right?

But, you were on my list to meet. So now I will just keep cyberstalking you until our paths cross.

Suburban Kamikaze

Chicago, baby. It's practically in my backyard. We can't miss.


Debra Schroeder

I had hoped to get pulled aside from TSA for the 6 vibrators from Trojan and 1 from Eden Fantasys. (Yes, I do tend to go overboard on everything, it's that type A in me.) But alas I got to go through Precheck. I had an entire blog post created in my head to go with the story, but will now to have come up with another one. Of course, the post will have to wait until my inlaws leave for vacation. Trying to explain to my MIL why I came home with 7 vibrators is not a conversation I want to have.

Suburban Kamikaze

You really are an overachiever.


Careless Camper

I think we could do some red pencil copy editing for next year's workshop. We could change that sign to "tighten your pose"; this would allow for all sorts of erotica inspired copy mistake/examples. I don't know what tightenening one's pose would mean, but it sounds dirty doesn't it?

Suburban Kamikaze

An inspired plan.


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