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Only one possibility: Schroedinger absolutely left it there.

Or not.


Or Heisenberg might have left it there.

But I can't be sure.

Executive Suburbanite

I don't need the God particle to answer this question: which law of relativity made the bag finally go away? The relative on the maternal side, that's who.

Suburban Kamikaze

Not exactly the elegant universe around here...


Audubon Ron

I don't know "from" where the bag came. We might need a check-up for adolescent prepositional dyslexia, which is very curable and does not require braces. And while there, I would LOVE to see "a burrito run". I once thought I saw a taco fly. Tequila does that to me.

Audubon Ron

P.S. Since we are being literal, tell me you didn't literally name your children numbers. Your son's name isn't really 17 is it? I know, I loved to watch Get Smart too. :)

Suburban Kamikaze

I did not name that particular 17-year-old anything since technically he belongs to one of my BFF posse members. We have about a dozen teenagers between us and they really don't answer to anything. On the other hand, we all answer to "Mom."



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