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Bohemiologist (aka Musingwoman)

I hate missing Blogher again this year. Sigh. But, hope all goes well with your talk!

Suburban Kamikaze

Thank you. I am counting on Mr. Strunk and the Queen to get me through.

We will miss you,

Audubon Ron

Just so long as you mention my name at least once for being your long time commentor/commentee. B/c, like really, I'm awesome. Audubon Ron should yield a standing ovulation in that venue. I have touched many a blog site in my day with much wit and awesomeness.

Just sayin'.

Naming my name is like being me. Use me. Substantial accolades to follow.

Suburban Kamikaze

I couldn't do it without you. Really.


Anita Breland

Hi SK, It was great meeting you at BlogHer12! I'm also tickled to have found your blog...love the Delusions especially. Looking forward to reading more.

Suburban Kamikaze

It was great meeting you too. I can't stop talking about your blog: http://www.AnitasFeast.com

Food, travel, art, adventure and the most amazing photography; I feel like it should be paired with a very good wine.

I am so happy to have discovered it.


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