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I need me some of those!!! New site design is great!

Suburban Kamikaze

Thank you. It only took me three times longer than it should have, which was about 25 percent less time than I expected. So I guess it all adds up.


Audubon Ron

That's my girl. How are we doing with organizing this year's Wino Olympics. I'm entered in the Siptathalon this year. Did we make bowling an Olympic event? Sign me up for that too.

BTW, love the new blog do.

Suburban Kamikaze

No one ever told me wine drinking counted as a sport. I see a medal in my future.



LOVE the new design! Very nice.

I was given a tiny wine bottle refrigerator magnet souvenir from our wine tasting class in Paris, and I was only slightly insulted when the cute French guy explained to me earnestly that I shouldn't try to drink the 2 mls of red liquid contained inside the magnet.

Suburban Kamikaze

Easy for him to say. The French can find a good bottle of wine anywhere.


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