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Loved Tom Hanks' version ... maybe this could be a dramatic sequel. Spartacus!


Are you living in my house and I just didn't notice?


Oh. And the One Direction song? It's "What Makes You Beautiful." You're welcome. (And when I want things like that to leave my head, I concentrate hard on "The Theme From Sanford and Son." Gets rid of all earworms.


How about that thing where one minute she's just a tiny little baby, then the next minute she's this tumbly little toddler, then you turn around ONE MINUTE LATER and she's this lovely young lady mugging for the camera in a nifty, classic polka dot dress? Should she keep that up?

Suburban Kamikaze

Oh god. Is there any way of stopping that? I'm getting all choked up here. And only one more day of middle school in her entire life. Of course she wants to spend that last day getting mani-pedis and she will bankrupt me trying to meet her beauty and fashion needs for a graduation ceremony in which she will be covered neck-to-ankle in a blue gown... but at the last possible moment, when I am pretty much up to my limit with middle school girls - and when you have one, you have a houseful - she will make me laugh so hard. And that is why we keep her.


Suburban Kamikaze

Oh, and this is for all of you: (Thank you Sher.)

...You don't know you're beautiful!
Oh oh
That's what makes you beautiful!
Na na na na na na naaaa na na,
Na na na na na na.
Na na na na na na naaaa na na,
Na na na na na na.

Kind of catchy isn't it?


Thanks Sher. Now what do I do to get rid of the theme from Sanford and Son?

Audubon Ron

Actual-a-llllly. I think that dress would be great on you.

Why thank you. But most of our closet exchanges go in one direction. (Hah) SK


I have it on good authority from my 17-year-old that One Direction sucks, and don't bother asking him to play it at the graduation dance which he is DJ-aying. Because like, that would like, make you suck too.


I swear to God, I thought they were called One Dimension ...

Suburban Kamikaze

He won't play any 1D?! That is the bravest thing I have ever heard. Those girls will not go easy on him.



Those girls may kill him. My daughter insisted on tickets for a One Direction concert that isn't taking place until June 2013. Yes, you read that correctly. I have concert tickets already For Next Year. The husband and I are currently fighting over which one of us has to take her. I sat through the Cheetah Girls. I think it's his turn.

And as for getting rid of Sanford and Son? Why would anyone ever want to do that?


Chill out. Members of 1D will be back working at the mall by June 2013.



i kept saying to the girl: will they even be a band or someone you even care about in 2013? deaf ears... sigh.

Suburban Kamikaze

Veruca, who saw them in concert last week tells me that tickets go on sale in February for their return. This is a band not taking any chances on its shelf life. They're insecure, don't know what for...

Whatever happened to that Bieber kid?


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