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Executive Suburbanite

The words I use to describe what my kids do are not repeatable in polite company. Luckily I hang out mostly with assholes.

Suburban Kamikaze

Eric Ruhalter has only just entered the parenting-a-teenager stage. Prediction: His next book will be mostly unprintable.



What parents don't ever realize is that once they turn 13 kids can't even understand what we're saying any more. We are just an annoying buzz, somehow louder in inverse proportion to the laundry on the floor.

Suburban Kamikaze

Then you cash a check, stuff your wallet with twenties and suddenly they're all ears.

There should be a word for that.



I'm thinking this blog can't really call itself a Mommy-Blog any more. People with kids should be commenting all over the place here in the hopes of being the lucky winner of this dictionary, which will make it possible for them to describe all the indescribable things their kids do but where are they? A mystery.


I think it's the Captcha. It took me 7 captchas to post that last comment. I can't read the darned things--they are almost words, but not really, which will be the problem with his next dictionary. Teens pretty much limit their speech to textable acronyms like WTF, BRB LMAO, WWJBD, YOLO and WMJ...ok, fine, I made that last one up.

Suburban Kamikaze

I usually tell people it's a Sex and Laundry blog. But they always hear "Sex and Lingerie." Which is just weird because who would write about their lingerie? Although if anyone ever comes out with a Lingerie Dictionary, I will be all over it.

Also, I am pretty sure it's WMD.


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