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Wow. And I thought my morning was packed. Perhaps someone could pencil me in for half an hour at the spa because these papercuts are killing me...

Suburban Kamikaze

I am still catching up on my literacy block, but maybe we can meet up for drinks during social studies? I assume that's sort of like Happy Hour.



Lunch at 10:00?! I might have a problem with that but maybe not depending on what snack time entails (margaritas & chips maybe?).

Suburban Kamikaze

I think if you switch out lunch for "latte" and snack for "another latte" it works pretty well. Assuming someone can get me a latte?



day is over at 2? slackers.

Suburban Kamikaze

They are probably headed back to the spa. It looks exhausting.



Drinks and music in the bathroom might be interesting.

Suburban Kamikaze

Party on kindergartners. But only for 15 minutes. Then it's time for math.


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