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Sounds like our high days. The only thing missing from the list is "live at the mall."


Kindly ignore the Freudian slip in the above post.

Have you considered stepping up on the beatings?

My teen had a full-time job at the Block Island Boat Basin last summer. He hated it. "I'm just not cut out for retail."
As if anyone is. Study boy, study. This summer, he is working at his school retooling the computers and sound system. Or least that's what he tells me. My money is on meth lab or cracking the nuclear launch codes.

Suburban Kamikaze

It really is the greatest generation.



Oh, are we f**cked.

Is it too late to return them to the hospital where they were born? I don't need a receipt or nothin'.

Suburban Kamikaze

I don't know. I feel like I am this close to figuring out where I went wrong. Then I will write a bestselling parenting book and retire in the Caribbean.


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