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Audubon Ron

Expiration chug: When someone drinks milk very quickly on the day of the expiration date

Person a: what happened to that gallon of milk in the refrigerator?

Person b: Oh, I gave it an expiration chug, so it wouldn't go bad.

Urban Dictionary


My kid does this all the time with the orange juice. I think he does it on purpose so no one else will drink it.


At least yours can serve himself. Mine still demands to be served his milk in a "clean" glass w/ice.

Yes, I still do it. There are certain nursing homes I do not want to end up in.

Suburban Kamikaze

So we are passing this off as "serving himself?"

It certainly has an optimistic ring to it. Not as optimistic as imagining they're going to put us in one of the nicer nursing homes, but still.


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