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Executive Suburbanite

How about, develop a menu for a meal so complicated they can't actually cook it, but get halfway through, leaving adults no choice but to finish the job? And, order one of the most expensive entrees on the menu (Seafood Pasta) and then pick out the seafood, leaving two pounds of pasta. Oh wait, that's How to Eat Like a 15-Year-Old.

Suburban Kamikaze

There's a sequel. Great.



How about, whine that "there is never anything any good for dinner" when told that nachos are not an actual food group, and then proceed to eat three huge home-made tacos stuffed with stewed pork, cheese and sour cream, a pile of broccoli dipped into a lake of ranch dressing, and two glasses of milk. Followed by a whine 45 minutes later that only a dish of yogurt and berries will make it possible to sleep because "I'm starving." I realize that is How to Eat Like an 8-Year-Old, but you can see why it terrifies me for the sequel in another six or seven years, can't you?

Suburban Kamikaze

It gets better. Okay, that is not true. I just wanted to give all the parents of teenagers a bitter laugh at your expense. Sorry about that.

It actually gets much, much worse. Little known fact: There is more milk spilled in one year of middle school than in all the elementary school years combined. And that is only counting accidental spills.

Don't even get me started on glass breakage, wasted food and food consumed directly from the refrigerator.


Audubon Ron

Sub one mother with Audubon Ron and you got yourself one EPIC Italian food dinning experience. Those kids know how to eat, y'all!

Suburban Kamikaze

Are you free for dinner? Because they're already hungry again.



so my take away on all this is that no matter the age, the school day off is still a drain on the wallet. And the contents of fridge and pantry never reach any sort of respectablness. Fabulous. I can't wait.


yes they start to think that the only real food is found outside the home--anything at home does not count

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