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Executive Suburbanite

I have seen this phenomenon at work with certain other members of the household also. I believe they're called husbands. I'm pretty sure you don't have this problem though.


I'm pretty sure the problem with this particular type of hint staging is: instead of it suggesting that someone needs to take out the garbage...it can be mistakenly thought to suggest that someone ELSE needs to take out the garbage.

Especially in the age group you're dealing with. And many other age groups.

Suburban Kamikaze

It is just as I thought: Hint staging is a job for professionals. Christ. Where are you people? Emptying closets for real estate agents? WE NEED YOU. Send photos.


Audubon Ron

A few observations:

1. What a weird little toy in the window with the red jacket. Looks like it has a sword. Cute!
2. The pot next to the sink was on the stove far too long.
3. I use Dawn dish soap also. It’s like you and I are connected.
4. You need to regrout behind the faucet. There is actually a caulk you can use. It adds that little extra finesse to kitchen maintenance.
5. Great dishwasher. I’m guessing 61 decibels but not as quiet as you had hoped.
6. I probably wouldn’t have left that sticker on the back of the door. But, that’s me. Someday I might need to take a picture of the back of that door.
7. The dryer softener cloth in the trash (Bounce I’m guessing) indicates you have a high standard of laundry care. Good for you.
8. The tops and corners of your drawers and cabinet doors could use a little Fantastik all purpose cleaner w/ Oxy Power. It is recognized for Safer Chemistry by the US EPA.
9. I wasn’t aware that anyone used paper bags for rubbish anymore given trees and all. The Punk Housewife recommends plastic. “I” have a Caloric Trash Compactor. It is a far better thing to “compress” our waste as to avoid creating large hills of rubbish – like places where old spy novels are found. Of course, since I am in the know, very soon our rubbish will go through gasification plants which will create renewable energy from burning rubbish in order to produce electricity. We don’t actually use the term “garbage” anymore. Haven’t for a few years now. You probably didn’t know that.
10. You have a great camera. I like lots of pixels.

You can now pass mother-in-law inspection.

You’re welcome.

Suburban Kamikaze

1. It's a pirate. Wearing a witch's hat charm. Not sure why.
2. Mr. K makes popcorn pretty much every night. Also a mess.
3. My favorite dish soap is ... yeah. Sorry, I've got nothing.
4. Sounds like fun, but I've got other plans.
5. Yeah, it's a ... again, sorry. No idea.
6. I wish my house was clean enough that this could really make it on to the list of Top 100 Eyesores.
7. We live with teenagers. We can't even say "standards" with a straight face.
8. See Answer #6
9. See #7.
10. Canon.



I was too busy marveling over the fact that I have that same tile in my bathroom and that our counters are surprisingly similar as is the kitchen set up to notice the trash.

Suburban Kamikaze

We must have the same 17-year-old decorator.



It's like the "Totally Missed the Point" Club just strolled through this thread...

Suburban Kamikaze

We are easily distracted around here. I blame the teenagers.


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