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The running joke in my house... well, to be clearer, the statement I make after yet another one of those evenings where the kids look at me like Cindy Lou Who when I am actually expecting them to eat dinner and they are looking at me like they've never actually had a personal encounter with food... I announce to the family the words which will likely grace my tombstone: "There is nothing more rewarding than cooking for a family."

Suburban Kamikaze

Other than doing pretty much anything else, sure.


Audubon Ron

Oh, NOT the top ten dinner ideas again, which includes, NOT meat.

In the meat section there is this pack of handy little casings filled with meat and herbs often referred to as Italian Sausage. Perhaps you've heard of it?

Only, don't ask how it's made. Oh no, don't ask that question.


Jaysus. True, all of it.

Suburban Kamikaze

Okay: I'm just going to come out and say it, in hopes of provoking the kind of flaming Internet controversy that will force powerful New York literary agents to take me seriously:

Family dinner is a bad idea.



What's a family dinner?

Suburban Kamikaze

Suburban myth propagated by the Dinner Table Manufacturing Association.



I realize that I am missing the point of this whole post by asking you this, but can you please share the recipe?

Suburban Kamikaze

No problem. It's delicious. And the kids won't touch it.




I stand ready with pitchfork and torches and twitter account and Facebook status to defend you in the upcoming Internet war. You are so right. #youwillneedawittyhashtag

Suburban Kamikaze

First someone has to get the name calling started.

Then we'll fight macaroni and cheese with indifference, good red wine and completely fabricated research at #familydinnerfactsandcocktailrecipes

Or something.



god you sound like a bitch!

Suburban Kamikaze

Exactly. And your kind of parenting is completely wrong. Whatever kind it is. Bring it on, villagers.


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