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Jay Jay

There was no prom for me but I had that same hair......a little blonder maybe, but deliberate none the less.

Audubon Ron

As one of the few boys at a dance studio, this time of year I had a card table set up in the lobby and the mothers would line up and sign sign in for me to take their ballet daughters to their respective proms b/c ballet girls spent most of their time in class and therefor didn't have time for boys. I was a machine! Note: NO daughters got pregnant during the making of this film. Ballet moms would have your hide.

Suburban Kamikaze

That has Broadway musical written all over it. Like Billy Elliott meets Sweet Charity.


Car Bomb Mom

SK, you look like an extra in the movie Carrie ... and I love it. Love it!! It's killing me that I can't see your shoes .....

Suburban Kamikaze

It's the Gunne Sax dress. They're sold on e-bay as "vintage" now. We all looked like hippie brides that year.


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