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Hilarious! I just reviewed this masterpiece on my blog yesterday. So much good material, it's hard to know where to begin with this book.

Suburban Kamikaze

I think I would start with the competing inner voices. Or possibly the e-mails. Still, while he's no Francis Crawford, I thought Mr. Grey had his moments.


Dawn's review is worth reading:


I love "the email and bondage saga!" Cursing myself for not thinking of that.

Between the constant lip biting and the not-sexy references to genitalia as "down there" and the "my sex,"I just got turned off.

Did you read all three books? Did you really care about their love story? Am I just dead inside?

p.s. Thanks so much for the link.

Suburban Kamikaze

Love story? I must have missed that. But I only read the first one. It was assigned to me by friends who expect me to beat SNL to the first parody. It's a lot of pressure, frankly. And I would rather be a force of promotion for the genre. But they are a bossy group and I do what I'm told.


Audubon Ron

Fine, be that way, but I want my dog collar back. I paid good money for that dog collar.

Suburban Kamikaze

But I already bought the matching shoes.


Mr Lady

Forever. That is how long I am going to love you.

Suburban Kamikaze

Love you right back, Mister. No handcuffs required.


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