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I would love to stay and comment, but I have to run out to buy my wife another bouquet of flowers and some more jewelry in thanks for bearing only sons.

Audubon Ron

Hey, was this the bathroom with the orange tile?


Ha! Our son's school had a dress code that the kids continually pushed the envelope on - which luckily didn't include shorts of any kind. That resistance to follow the rules resulted in the "Dean of Discipline" (Sister Anne) announcing that this year they get to wear uniforms!

The saggy bottom trend drives me mad. Everytime I see it I have the urge to give the wearer a major wedgie while yelling, "Pull up your damn pants!"

Suburban Kamikaze

On the bright side: those pants are going to fit them well into their 40s.


*Pink really, but in a peachy shade.


love your underwear

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