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I wish I had your skill set. "Bait" is the unattainable dream for me. Looking up recipes for brains as we speak.

Suburban Kamikaze

Jeezus. We're going to need a really good wine to get those down. I am working on my hair toss. It is a lot harder than it looks.


Deb Freas

I first read "you're leading us to our dentist" which could be close enough to deaths.

Suburban Kamikaze

Surely there will be one or two dentists left among the survivors. They are very good with their hands. Not that Mr. Kamikaze will care.



Well hell! If being good at word games knocks you out of the team then I am SCREWED! I don't have much else to bring to the table.

Audubon Ron

Roadkill. Not such a good word for today. One of my ducks got run over by a car yesterday. Srsly. I'm still sad about it. I was hoping not to be reminded of it today. Well, don't feel bad. I get over it. Eventually.

Use you as bait? Hmm. Well, after the zombie ruckus is over, it could be you might be the prettiest girl left standing. Me, I wouldn't so quick to do that. I'd have to see who else is on the team.

Suburban Kamikaze

Call me a dreamer, but I can't even imagine a world where Scrabble savvy counts for nothing. And no one is looking out for the ducks. So sorry, Audubon.


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