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So you say if I hang out enough laundry I can end this drought of ours? Time to wash every quilt in the house.

Cactus Petunia

Wait. There's a Margarita SEASON???


No wonder it's still winter here in Oregon. I had no idea I'd been angering the weather gods.

No problem, Irish Coffees are good, too.


Margarita Season sounds like my kind of season! When does it start? As soon as the flip flops are broken out - because if that's the case then that means it started yesterday for me!


As long as you don't break out the frozen Margaritas you should be safe from the weather gods and their moles and gnomes. Kind of busy here. Loading my patio furniture up to take over to Liz's and dump in her pool. Because, it is April...and I don't have a pool.

Suburban Kamikaze

Yes, yes and yesterday.*

*We cannot be held responsible for every weather event between here and the Pacific Northwest.



THIS is how you know you are a Midwesterner (or not): you are too afraid to wash the snowpants and mittens before May 1, even if it's 80 degrees out, because doing so will with 100% certainty actually CAUSE a snowstorm.

Since it has snowed on my birthday (April 28), I understand the sense of caution.

Since I did not actually grow up in the Midwest, however, I am not fully convinced that the water from the washing machine (or the melted ice that puddles on the counter when making margaritas) actually mainlines up to icy clouds to return to earth as a blizzard.

In short: if you need a margarita drinking partner, I'm your girl.

Suburban Kamikaze

We are in for it now. Might be better if we all just head down to Liz's and drink Margaritas on the patio furniture in the pool.


Audubon Ron

If you haven't planted tomatoes, I wouldn't worry about it. You're good. Plant tomatoes and see everything get all Fupped Duck in a hurry.

Suburban Kamikaze

One more reason to continue my practice of soliciting freshly-grown handouts instead.


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