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Rules are for losers. Good parenting is about creating a Venn diagram where the circles of "instilling fear" and "bribery" combine into "good enough."


HA! #3 is priceless.


#s 1, 6 and 10 are cited most often in our house and are defended by "because I said so" more often than I would have thought possible until I finished morphing into my Mom.


I'm pretty sure that #10 is going to be cited all the time in my house, as soon as my kids are old enough to realize that they can challenge the rules with words rather than by throwing soggy food on the floor.

Suburban Kamikaze

Good enough is really good enough. But just out of reach for us.

Also, I should point out that the bowl in the photograph is "soaking" - a part of the "cleaning process" that the 17-year-old cites as proof that he is, even as we speak, washing his own dirty dishes.


Executive Suburbanite

You forgot all the sibling-related critiques:
My rules are tougher than her rules.
Why do I have to follow the rules if she doesn't?
Does she even have any rules?
You do a terrible job enforcing the rules with her, so I have to.

Suburban Kamikaze

They are so good at spotting all the hidden bias in a rule like "pick up your own freaking dishes."

How can that be fair? He uses twice as many.



I believe "soaking" is an early learned behavior -- through mimicking of the father.

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